Glen Weinstein

Local 52 Shop Steward/Field Representative

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Kin,

My name is Glen Weinstein. I have been a member of Local 52 since 1999 in the Grip Department. For the last two and a half years, I have been serving as the Local 52 Shop Steward/Field Representative.

While working at the local and representing the members, I have gained experience in many areas that make me the strongest candidate to serve as the Business Representative for Local 52.

On the job I:

  • command a knowledge of all the contracts we work under, including MOA’s and side letters.
  • have attended district conventions as a delegate and have worked closely with union representatives from the other New York Production Locals, including many other IA jurisdictions.
  • have furthered my education by attending classes in officer training programs and labor law in the entertainment industry.
  • taught multiple Shop Steward seminars, expanding our members' understanding of how to protect themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters in the workplace.
  • IMPORTANTLY, have served on the negotiating committee for both the Majors and AICP commercial contracts.

I have worked diligently to ensure the members are protected and their voices heard. This local has meant so much to me and my family. It gives us great pride to be a part of Local 52.

I want members to know I will tirelessly protect, listen, and learn from them. I will do everything I can to help the union grow into the future while not forgetting its roots.

Please vote Glen Weinstein for Local 52 Business Representative.

  • I am running on a platform of members first; not politics.
  • I believe that the business of this local should revolve around the members of the local and no other outside interests or pressure.
  • I have been fighting for members well before I became the field representative.
  • While working in the field as a grip, I was a Shop Steward on numerous jobs and have always put the crew first.
  • Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I fight hard for what is right. I believe in honesty, hard work, and solidarity.
  • Our local has an amazing history built by hard working members and I will do everything in my power to honor that.

Thank you for your support!